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Creating "Mischief" with James Dean

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A delighted Cathy picks up her commissioned artwork "Mischief" by Adelaide based Painter and Illustrator, James Dean.

James Dean, 2015. "Mischief". Acrylic on Canvas. 760mmX1000mm

Professionally trained by the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Visual Communication, Majoring in Illustration, James has spent the past thirteen years learning the intricacies of Oil painting at the Panorama Art Group.

Working in a style inspired by the Old Masters, with a particular affinity for the works of John Singer Sargent, James combines traditional oil painting techniques and tonal realism with narrative and allegory - The result is a conceptually motivated brand of surrealism that explores the human condition that begs the viewer to exercise their own free thought and interpretation.

James talks about a couple of the techniques he used in painting "Mischief"...

Managing Director at Grays PR, Cathy Mchugh, says she was pulled into De La Liff after spotting one of James' unique clown paintings in the window. Discovering that the painting had already sold, Cathy enquired about commissioning a similar piece all of her own and says that the painting has a a big story that really resonates with her ...

Cathy's first reaction to the finished work ? "It was probably ... breathtaking actually, it just stopped me in my tracks and I actually had to make sure I didn't cry".

Asked what inspired her to commission the work Cathy said "I liked the intent of the original painting and the character somewhat, but I wanted it to be from him - not a copy - not a replica, so I was happy for his artistic vision to take control of what he was going to deliver ... I didn't expect it to be so different but I am so thrilled ... I'm really marvelled at it."  

When asked where Cathy intended to hang the painting, she oscillated between her bedroom and lounge room, wanting to covert and share the work at the same time, finally proposing  a bold idea that highlighted her exuberance for the new addition to her sanctuary... 


[Detail] James Dean, 2015. "Mischief". Acrylic on Canvas. 760mmX1000mm

"Mischief" was purchased with love and and to be enjoyed for generations to come...

With 30+ artists now showing at De La Liff, from painters, illustrators, print-makers, photographers, sculptors, digital and glass artists, a one-off, personalised commission piece is possibly more affordable than you think!

Why not pop in to the gallery, or call to discuss commissioning a bespoke artwork as a gift, or perhaps something special for your office, salon, business or home.

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