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About the artist

Hailing from a family of engineers, Sanders' Steampunk, or Deiselpunk, Sanders'  Furniture and Lighting represents a natural progression from his earlier work on steam engines, historic aircraft and old cars, and restoration of mechanical antiques, vintage machinery.

Each furniture and lighting piece is a unique work of numbered art, designed and created using carefully selected vintage feature pieces that he has sourced in South Australia and interstate at auctions, or sought through often convoluted hearsay referrals and leads.

Each design represents many hours of working up designs and various iterations of assemblage before reaching design solution that feels and looks "just right" - only to be pulled apart in preparation for honing, painting, wiring, reassembly and the testing of each light, or cutting of tempered glass to finish the works. Occasionally, Sanders' lamps feature the vintage elevator plate owned and used by his grandfather who was one of Adelaide's original elevator mechanics.

Sanders' fans are many, however; on a list of artistic endorsements and thrills since exhibiting at De La Liff, is the commission of a lamp and very large table by artist and eldest son, John of the famous Australian, Broken Hill artist Pro Hart.

Each Rob Sanders lamp and table is a unique, one of a kind work of art that compliments most home furnishing styles.

Commission: Enquire about commissioning your own piece and incorporating vintage pieces and heirlooms from your family property or shed.

Shipping: National and Worldwide

Replacement Globes: available at local hardware stores

ENQUIRIES                  0414 810 000