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About the artist

Self described as a 10 year old in a 70+ year old body, Graham Shaw spent more than 40 years as a Sign Writer and many more transfixed by the Pulp Fiction and Graphic novels of his childhood.

Coming of wonderment age at 10, Graham is a practicing artist, born and inspired by times when rockets launched with the help of sparklers and man had not yet set foot on the Moon. Shaw's colourful works synthesise decades of art history, design and experience - adding his own personal brand of historically grounded whimsy and sophistication with lashings of naïveté - in scenes and lands where nothing ever explodes and things remain captured in the wonder of impending and innocence.

All canvas paintings are created with high-grade acrylic paints, are original artworks that have not been reproduced, so you will never see his work anywhere else!

Shaw's Found Object Sculpture are created without glues and soldering, instead; paying respect to historical pieces through carefully selecting pieces and minimising assembly with nuts and bolts used only where necessary. De La Liff customers are able to purchase from a small selection of final works created by Shaw before he was forced to retire from sculpting due to arthritis.

Graham Shaw is one of very few and certainly a rare breed of artists still creating Naive Science Fiction Art and Sculpture
from those who were actually born in the time that continues to inspire them - making Shaw's works not only delightful but highly collectable, timeless works of art and sculpture.

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