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Rob Sanders

#sold "Horizontal Light & Gear Lamp no. #135" by Rob Sanders

"Horizontal Light & Gear Lamp no. #135"
Edition 1/1 - #OriginalArtwork 
(W) 320 mm X (H) 280 mm (D) 260 mm

Replacement globes available at local hardware stores.

Enquire about Australia Wide and World wide shipping.

Enquire about commissioning your very own piece from your antique finds and family heirlooms.

My journey into Steampunk was a natural progression from collecting and restoring all types of mechanical antiques, vintage machinery and working on steam engines, historic aircraft and old cars. 

Creating a range of tables and standing lamps, I use a range of found objects and pipe as well as rare, collectors pieces. Every lamp is one of a kind - a unique, individual hand crafted item. 

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