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Kowaiila goes to Sydney!

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The Terror of Australia: Kowaiilla
Sofubi Art Toy

Sydney based Visual Arts teacher Louise was captivated by Shane Haddy’s hand-sculpted and painted Art Toys, Kowaiilla.

Created during his mentorship with highly acclaimed Japanese creator Sunguts and produced using the Japanese “Sofubi” process, Kowaiila was created as an extension of the ideology behind Shane’s mentorship; an artistic and cultural collaboration between Australia and Japan.

Loosely blending Japanese and English words; “Kowai” (scary) and Kawaii (cute) in Japanese and Koala, “Kowaiilla” embodies the concept of an evil Koala that is scary to many Japanese and captures Shane's cheeky, fun personality.

Trained as an Industrial Designer, Shane uses his knowledge of materials and processes to extend his artistic possibilities through the medium of Art Toys.

As a relatively new art form, encompassing a broad range of styles and influences, Art Toys, in essence are sculptures influenced by childhood toys and characters. Influenced by Japanese techniques, craftsmanship and styles, Shane's Artwork is as much an expression of the creative journey as they are final works.

Shane's work has been featured in galleries and museums both locally and internationally.

Each Kowaiila comes beautifully boxed in packaging designed by Barry Magazinovic - 

With Christmas on it’s way Shane Haddy's limited edition Art Toys are available in a range of colours and are perfect for those who like a little quirky, collectable fun in their lives.

Enquire now for phone orders at, or call 

0414 810 000 - We look forward to hearing from you!



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