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Rob Sanders

Machine Age High Table #1. by Rob Sanders


Machine Age High Table #1.
(W) 1180mm x (H) 865mm x (D) 580mm
AUD $1275.00

Two unique and rare pieces combine in the Machine Age High Table #1. with a green vintage adjustable flow control valve from a hot glue machine and a large brass pressure gauge.

Designed to control the flow of hot glue, the adjustable valve is surrounded by an insulated jacket to prevent the glue from cooling and setting in the valve, and a flow setting for the operator to gauge the volume and velocity of glue being pumped through the unit.

The large brass gauge indicates tonnage pressure and was typically used on wood pressing machines to make timber products such as plywood.

While both features may have originated from different machines, their shared history preserves vintage pieces from the beginnings of our machine age by presenting them in an elegant and useful high table.

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