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Commission an Artist

Many of the artists at De La Liff are displaying just a small taste of their work and styles - if you have seen something that you like, we'd be delighted to work with your in creating a custom piece or series for your home, hotel, office, practice, or anywhere else you'd like to honour your place with local art.

Simply fill out the the commission summary below and we will be in touch with you to discuss your concept or opportunities.

Please understand that commission work is managed through the gallery. The following artists are currently open to commission works;
- Cat Leonard - Painter
- Graham Shaw - Science Fiction painter
- James Dean - Surrealist oil painter/portraiture
- Samantha Tipler - Abstract Expressionist
- Rob Sanders - Steampunk lighting
- Gee Greenslade - Digital Artist/Photographer
- Milly Pearce - Contemporary Abstract Painter, Photographer & Textile Designer
- Helene Hardy - Abstract Landscape Expressionist
- Gaire Kahika Tané - Timber wall sculpture, lighting and sculptural light shades
- Jason Vandepeer - Photographer: portrait, landscape, urban landscape

When we receive your brief, we'll be in touch to make a time to meet with you to clarify details and ensure delivery of a brief that speaks to the artist. Your brief will then be submitted to the artist/s for acceptance of the commission and your terms, after which we will be in touch again to confirm any changes and begin the formal commissioning process should you wish to proceed.

If you're just scoping at the moment and would like a little more information, or to bounce some ideas around perhaps email or call us, we'd love to hear from you. 

In the meantime, thank you for your interest in supporting the creativity of local artists and their art!

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