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Helene Hardy

Helene's flair for abstraction presents a fluid and organic aesthetic that is thought provoking and evocative. Her large scale works in acrylic have been acquired by corporate institutions around Adelaide and overseas along with smaller scale pieces that are now in many homes and part of private collections. She enjoys communicating a diverse array of emotions through her art and likes her audience to engage cognitively with it. Helene has exhibited at various venues and events in metropolitan and regional areas of Adelaide as well as Washington, USA.

Artist Statement

The ever changing sky outside my studio in the Adelaide Hills - the clouds scudding past, the fierce sunshine breaking through, lighting up the distant hills, the rain clouds swirling into the valley below me - this is the catalyst for my inspiration. 

The visual landscape is reflected in my emotions and this is what I aim to bring to my art. Many layers are applied to create depth and then scraped, rubbed and scratched away to reveal the underlying story.