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Where North Meets South

Where North Meets South (WNMS) represents the unique fusion of Australian / Swedish influences through the cultural backgrounds of life partners and designers, Pete Harding and Asa Jonasson.

The Phoebe Lamp series by WNMS combines timeless design, with creative flexibility and beautiful ambient lighting. If you're passionate about colour, art, photography, fabrics, textures, patterns, illustration, kids painting, or even natures gifts in pressed flowers, then The Phoebe Lamp is the perfect addition to your life!

It's simple to transform the quality and colour of light, as well as the look and feel of your room, just insert one of the stunning art light papers, your photographs, a map, news clippings, or you children's drawings between the two pieces of fire resistant, high grade commercial plastic and enjoy!

The perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or to celebrate and invigorate your home, or to display your ideas, or work in the shop, or office - The Phoebe Lamp is ideal for those who appreciate timeless style, mixed with sophistication and play!

WNMS cares about their ethical footprint which means producing  products that are responsible; we make sure we value our relationships, manufacture sustainably, and produce with quality.

"We believe that Phoebe has good karma and that’s why so many people love their Phoebe lamps and why we love making them for you." 

Asa and Pete