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"Touch" by Nigel Travis

Nigel Travis

"Touch" by Nigel Travis

(W) 900mm X (H) 600mm (Landscape or Portrait hang)
Photographic print on acrylic

Signed limited edition of 25

Artist Bio
Nigel is a single father of two terrific boys, a self taught photographer and willing
student of life. Trained as a hydrogeologist, his curiosity of the natural world has
spilt over to become a defining passion. Elements of nature are the focus of his
work, reinterpreted in chemical form.

Artist statement
Beauty in the Mundane observes exquisite moments in time -  moments that evoke feelings of passion and wonder. With each piece, I create unique chemical reactions in a type of photographic alchemy to reveal and capture the spectacular nature of that moment - the movement, colours and beauty of the reaction as an authentic expression of the intersections in life.

Blurring the boundaries between science, art and documentary, chemical reactions set the scene for my insight, passion and quirkiness to give life to the processes that I capture for the world to see.

Each work embodies my view that we are surrounded by astounding moments of beauty everyday, yet often miss the precious nature of the moment - how often do we take the time to really look and truly embrace the moments of everyday? 

Art and Photography has helped to elevate me from depression and into a narrative of self-expression and a deep appreciation for life. Each piece embodies a meaning that was given to me in the moment - my hope is that you are touched by the moment and movement and colours of nature to be transported to your own meaning and insight.

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