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#sold "Tightrope" by Helene Hardy

Helene Hardy

#sold "Tightrope" by Helene Hardy

Acrylic, Varnish and Ink on Canvas
(H) 750mm X (W) 1000mm 

A feat of balancing on the edge, daring but not without trepidation. A  multi-layered, deep and vibrant canvas of acrylics, inks and varnish creates the impression of three dimensions - a pool of deep and shocking pinks, greens, limes, yellows and purples make this painting a piece to be enjoyed at home, in the office and also in highly contemporary spaces that demand loads of high energy fun and pizazz!.

Helene's flair for abstraction presents a fluid and organic aesthetic that is thought provoking and evocative. Her large scale works in acrylic have been acquired by corporate institutions around Adelaide and overseas along with smaller scale pieces that are now in many homes and part of private collections. She enjoys communicating a diverse array of emotions through her art and likes her audience to engage cognitively with it. Helene has exhibited at various venues and events in metropolitan and regional areas of Adelaide as well as Washington, USA.
More than 10 of Helen's mature and beautifully finished abstract paintings are available at De La Liff now - enquiries to

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