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Gillie and Marc

"They were together forever" by Gillie and Marc


Sterling Silver Pendant Art - Featuring Dogman and Rabbitgirl on a Vespa
2.5 x 2.8 x 1.0 CM ( H*L*W )

Gillie and Marc have a soft spot for vespas because it’s an excuse to hold on tightly to one another. This love for vespas started when the artists first visited Rome and came across the scooter riders known as the Motorini. On their return to Sydney they even bought a Vespa for themselves.

This piece of artwear is modelled off It Takes Two, Gillie and Marc’s life-sized sculpture in Sydney’s trendy inner-city suburb, Paddington. If it were up to Dogman and Rabbitgirl, they would spend the rest of their lives embracing one another on a Vespa while going off on new, exciting adventures.

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