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#sold "The Proper Gander Almighty" by James Dean

James Dean

#sold "The Proper Gander Almighty" by James Dean


Acrylic on Canvas
(W) 760mm X (H) 1215mm

The Proper Gander Almighty
The name of this piece comes from a play on words. It combats the issue of tradition versus progress. It is my belief that religious ideologies can teach us a lot about morality if taken by example and allegory. A literal interpretation of religious texts can stifle our species progression towards equality and hinders movement towards an age of reason.


James is a Painter and Illustrator based in Adelaide South Australia. He was professionally trained at the Panorama Art Group where he spent thirteen years learning the intricacies of Oil painting. This is also paired with a Bachelor of Visual Communication with a Major in Illustration at the University of South Australia.

With keen interest in the development of society in the twenty-first century, literature and respect for History. James has developed a style inspired by the Old Masters combining traditional oil painting techniques and tonal realism with narrative and allegory. The result is a conceptually motivated brand of surrealism that explores the human condition, begging the viewer to exercise their own free thought in interpretation.

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