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Gillie and Marc

"She wanted to spend her 9 lives with him" Silver Pendant by Gillie and Marc


Sterling Silver Pendant
2.0 x 1.9 x 1.9 CM ( H*L*W )

Have you ever noticed that the world can be divided into cat people or dog people? Gillie and Marc love canines and felines alike — in fact, they love all the varied creatures who inhabit the earth.

The artists have a beautiful Tabby cat called Izzie who recently celebrated her 19th birthday, making her 133 in human years.

Just like Dogman was based on Gillie and Marc’s beloved Weimaraner Indie, this handmade piece was modelled off Izzie. The artists did this so that when her nine lives are up, Izzie will live on forever and always have a place close to their hearts.

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