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"Overhead" by Kate Atkins

Kate Atkins

"Overhead" by Kate Atkins

Artist Statement
These images were taken while driving through North America. The scenery of areas like Pennsylvania, New York State and Vermont is some of the most beautiful and picturesque in the United States. So beautiful and perfect looking that you can easily forget the high levels of poverty and depressed economy of these areas behind the gleaming smiles and charm of the residents. The ‘woods’ of  North America are so alien to Australians, always full of a sense of foreboding and 
even though it was high summer the skies were routinely filled with oppressive raining clouds. I wanted to encapsulate the way that the country can be so beautiful and yet dark, depressed, desolate and drained. 

- through (Road) [2 remaining in the series]
- wall (garden scene)
- overhead (Big structure)
- bloat (clouds)

Photographer: Kate Atkins
Edition: 3
Phone: iPhone 5s
App: iPhone camera
Editing: Afterlight
Size: 86cm x 64cm
Model: n/a Printing: Pigment print on cotton rag archival paper
Location: East Coast United States

AUD $600.00 each

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