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Gillie and Marc

"Her heart was wild like his" Sterling Silver Pendant by Gillie and Marc


Sterling Silver Pendant
2.0 x 1.9 x 1.9 CM ( H*L*W )

Before Gillie and Marc met each other, Africa was their first love. Gillie grew up in Lusaka in Zambia where she would run around barefoot observing rhinos in their natural habitat. As an adult she sought out a wilder, more free-spirited life while working on ways to save her favourite African animal – the rhino.

Marc is also an adventurer and explorer at heart. In his early twenties he turned up announced to work with Jane Goodall in Tanzania. He spent a year in East Africa conducting behavioural research on chimpanzees during a civil war where he literally had to dodge bullets.

Animal conservation is a constant theme in Gillie and Marc’s work and the artists have already raised over $15,000 for the Australian Rhino Project to help save the last, remaining rhinos.


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