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Heart Whisper by Samantha Tipler

Samantha Tipler

Heart Whisper by Samantha Tipler


From the 2015 series, You Have My Heart.

Acrylic Gouache on canvas 

    • Height : 915mm
    • Width : 605mm

      A large, vibrant, multi-layered painting that can be hung separately, or as a pair with the complimentary painting, Heart Warming.

      Large enough to cast a glow of soft pinks, deep reds and passionate purples, Heart Whisper offers both colour and whimsy with a hint of love note.

      Use the unique feel to lighten the mood of a serious room, create playfulness, or perhaps recognise a special person or occasion.

      Decorate with complimentary coloured cushions, placemats, napkins, rugs, throws office stationary, or perhaps towels to create a bright, intimate feel to any space.

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