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Milly Pearce

"Hand Painted Beads" by Milly Pearce


Wood, Acrylic, leather and metal
Various lengths
AUD$350 each

Beads by Milly Pearce, like so many of her art works offer a sophisticated burst of colour to your personal styling. 

Artist Biography
Milly Pearce (b1984 South Australia) is an emerging abstract nature artist who recently launched a signature series of paintings, textiles, prints and jewellery.

An ambiguous perspective in art is essential to Milly’s work. She is inspired by the beauty of the unknown, the mesmerising act of daydreaming, the wonder of seasonal patterns and nature's life cycle. She works in an abstract expressionist painting style layering organic marks of ink, aerosol, acrylic, and chalk pastels.

Her landscape nature photography reflects an impressionist approach fused with digital media. She captures the tree canopy through the seasons in multi dimensions.

Milly graduated with a BA of Fine Arts at Curtin University in 2014. She has exhibited throughout South Australia in both solo and group shows including the Adelaide Fringe and the SALA festival.

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