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Mark Zed

"Dollar Bills Y'all" Double Georgette Silk Scarf (140mm X 150mm) by Mark Zed


Dollar Bills Y'all
Edition 1 of 1
Fabric: Double Georgette
Photography: iPhone
Editing: Photoshop CC
100% locally produced
(W) 140mm X (H) 150mm
100% hand crafted in Adelaide

This Unique piece was designed as art to be interacted with. From the conception, I envisaged using photographic patterns to explore the world of textile manufacturing as a form of art. I have  longed to see the photographic art in a medium that allows it to be touched, worn, thrown and enjoyed, whilst retaining the elegance and considered nature of exhibited art.

Dollar Bills Y'all was created to reflect the of projected wealth through fashion in a very literal sense. I used the intricate design on the paper notes to create a striking pattern that has been offset by the elegant nature of the double georgette, making this piece both eye catchingly bold as well as softly feminine by nature.

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