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Gaire Kahika Tané

"Collective Strength" by Gaire Kahika Tané


Collective Strength
Edition: 1/1
Materials: Reclaimed Oregon and Pinus Radiata finished with three coats of natural Beeswax.
(W) 2270mm X (H) 120mm X (D) 35mm 

ART:  Reflects strength in collectivity and community and the impact of natural elements on the landscape over time. 

Over several weeks, reclaimed Oregon and Pinus Radiata timber comprising various degrees of age and strength were collected from a variety of locations;  dismantled, graded and plained in preparation for joining.

Joining required careful placement of individual pieces to create a congruent timber piece that would be symbiotic with the sculptural design. 

Durability of the work is achieved by interspersing the different ages and strengths of timbers which have been bonded in stages ready for carving.

The 3D model for the carving was made in Maya and consists of two wave distortion fields interacting, above and below with the point of focus on the interaction between
each wave distortion.

With the timber stabile and the 3D model complete, the design files were created for carving to begin. Two cutting passes roughed out, then smoothed the design, totalling approximately 12 hours per pass.

A further 20+ hours of finishing the piece comprised hand sanding, subtle forming with hand tools and polishing with boiled Linseed and Tung oil, and three coats of beeswax to reveal a luster that compliments the natural grains and textures of the timbers.

Contemplating the meaning of community and what constitutes its strength. collective Strength represents my belief that community is about working together to elevate the experience of all involved, as opposed to working solo.

I consider that incorporating everyone in a harmonious system promotes sustainability, while respecting and valuing all ages, temperaments, characters, insiders and outliers to create an all-inclusive environment that leaves no one behind.

My observation of enduring cultures suggests that by weaving difference together, enables durability that is tempered by the forces of heaven and earth.

The use of ubiquitous materials such as of shipping pallets in the artwork lends itself well to imply notions of connection and community in motion. Used to transport all manner of items, essential and non-essential, to and from all areas of the community shipping pallets play an essential role in connecting multiple aspects of our community together. 

Robust Oregon pine combines with thicker, older and younger timbers distributed to maximise the overall structural integrity of the piece. Symbolising Heaven and Earth meeting and interacting, the 3D model denotes the constant state of motion resonating in a stable field.

Linseed Oil nourishes the timber, while, Tung Oil protects and beeswax polishes with Tea tree oil to seal and provide a subtle lustre. Using natural fibres and finishes correctly supports sustainable systems,thus adding to the symbolism of
enduring communities.

The raw long edges, weathered from their previous life as pallets pays reverence
to the past, while respecting origins and the elderly to form symbolism that represents strength of community held between heaven and earth.

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