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#sold "Beach Bum" by Adam Durst

Adam Durst

#sold "Beach Bum" by Adam Durst


(W) 380mm X (H) 380mm 
Float Aluminium Fine Art Photographic Print*
50% OFF (Slightly damaged)- > SALE PRICE $100

Perfect for the home/office and to create playful styling solutions in commercial buildings. 
*Giclee Fine Art Photographic prints are museum grade images, with ink and paper combinations that are designed to remain stable and not shift in image colour or paper colour for 75-100+ years.

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Artist Biography

Originally from Canada, Adam and his wife and two children now call Adelaide home. Adam's artistic pursuit has always been through photography - Growing up with a father who was an avid photographer with a darkroom in the basement meant that the seeds for his passion as a means to create emotive art were sewn early.  Adam recently retired from his career as a Strategy and Management Consultant, to focus on his art and raising a young family with his wife. 

Artists Statement
Much of my artworks evokes an emotive responses from viewer. I like to create connections with experiences that are part of life  and the human condition, including the various stages of life, our connections to places and the natural world. I also draw on emotions such as awe, wonder or mystery and even dark emotions such as sadness and fear - I’ll present the familiar in unfamiliar ways to help build on these connections, while leaving with the viewer with intrigue to linger in the art.

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