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New Artist Call Out

The De La Liff Artist's Call Out for is an opportunity for local Adelaide and Australian Artists, Designers and Photographers to submit links to their work via email for inclusion in an exhibition of works for sale at De La Liff  - Call out Open Wednesday, February 15th - Friday, April 14th 2017. 

De La Liff encourages rising stars, emerging and established local Artists, Designers and Photographers in Adelaide and Australia* to submit your works for consideration; Painters, Printmakers, Jewellers, Homewares and Textile Designers, Sculptors, Furniture Designers, Lighting Designers, Photographers, Wall Art Sculptors, Textile and Fashion designers.

*De La Liff are committed to showing 80%+ local, Adelaide Art, Photography and Design and will always ensure that customers are aware that they are buying and supporting local.

If you, or a friend would like to be considered for inclusion please send email with links to your website/social media where we can view your artwork and get an idea of your style and genre.

* Please update your online contact details before submitting and consider that all of your artworks must be for sale and ready for bump in, from February 15th 11:00am and 5:00pm, Wednesday to Saturday.

While we try not to over-curate at De La Liff and like to include some works that may not have audience elsewhere, please bare in mind that there are many factors with respect to how we use the space as gallery, photography studio, workshop and industry event space. We also consider the location of the gallery with respect to surrounding businesses, our tenancy agreement with Renew Adelaide/Rundle Place and our audience, all of which informs the style of artworks that are selected for inclusion - Not being included is not an indication of the quality, or integrity of your artwork.

We no longer accept email attachments to artworks as a form of submission, as we require that artists exhibiting with De La Liff to understand and use Social Media to promote their work as part of an understanding and alignment with the industry and the gallery. Artists are required to supply photographs of all works as well as titles, dimensions, materials and your RRPs. Assistance is available if required.

Artists exhibiting at De La Liff understand that gallery representation is part of an industry collaboration and that artists are responsible for promoting themselves, other artists exhibiting in the gallery, the gallery, gallery events and the industry - As such, a level of online engagement is assumed in order to participate in this collaboration and support the arts industry in Adelaide. 

There are exceptions, in that we choose to support a small percentage of "outsider" artists who may be unfairly disadvantaged in preparing to show and promote their work - We are currently full and not able to take any more artists who might fulfill this criteria. Please feel free to email stipulating that you would like to be considered for support in the future.

Please email links to view your work, as well as a small paragraph about yourself and your artwork. Successful applicants will be contacted via email by Friday April 28th.  Please note* depending on the amount of submissions, we may only be able to contact successful applicants and thank you in advance for your time.

We are really looking forward to viewing all of the submissions and putting together more fabulous local Art, Design and Photography!


* De La Liff is currently a Renew Adelaide project and may be subject to changes in tenancy at very short notice.