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Rockets, Robots and Rayguns by Graham Shaw

#FREE EXHIBITION - of sci-fi, steam punk inspired paintings and found object robot and raygun sculpture by Graham Shaw.

"Rockets, Robots, and Rayguns"
Friday June 10th - Friday July 22nd
De La Liff
Level 1, Rundle Place, - 77-91 Rundle Mall, Adelaide
Wednesday - Saturday
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"Graham’s Shaw obsession with constructing funky, fun, collectable robots, rockets and ray guns from good trash actually had its genesis in his pre-teen years. Graham’s dad used to take him to see science fiction movies and even though some of the movies “scared the hell” out of him, he was riveted, and sometime later, it got him thinking - and creating!!
Graham’s shed is neatly filled to the brim with self-upon-shelf of wonderful recyclables such as vacuum cleaners and hoses, canisters, measuring cups, pots, pans, goblets, toast racks and anything else that will fit into or onto something. Graham never knows what the end result will be when he begins constructing and he only uses nuts and bolts to hold things together. If a piece doesn’t fit perfectly, it won’t work, and a better-fitting object will be chosen. Some of his robots can take months to complete and this will depend on when Graham thinks it’s finished.

The results of Graham’s workmanship are, however, fantastic, futuristic and enchanting. He has a Samurai robot, lunar constellation, retro rocket, ray guns, a chess set, and a navigator which sit among well over a hundred other sci-fi ingeniously-created objects. Graham’s not sure whether he’s an artist or a collector; without a doubt he’s both! The pieces reside in his gallery/second-hand toy shop which glorifies in the name of Hot Tonto, in Adelaide. Most of them aren’t for sale; he loves them too much to let them go."

(ABC Collectors: Episode 23)