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About the artist

The Art of Gaire Kahika Tane can be surmised by three words; Organic, Spiritual and Digital - he draws inspiration from nature and the spiritual and fuses it with technology to produce timeless artworks that speak to their people, places and nature life.

Hailing from a tribe of explorers, the Tane family embrace new places, which has lead to a nomadic life and time spent in Sydney, The Blue Mountains, Hobart, Canberra, Blenheim, Christchurch, Twizel, Waipara and Rangiora in New Zealand.

A self-taught and educated artist, Gaire was awarded the Oriel Hoskin Scholarship to study at The Learning Connexion in Wellington NZ and has exhibited printed canvas and wall sculpture at The Learning Connexion Art School; the Flight of the Falcon Gallery; Wood N Steel gallery; Sycamore garden Centre (NZ)., and De La Liff Art Gallery in Adelaide, Australia.

Artists Statement

Born in a mountain cabin in front of an open fire, north of Blenheim, New Zealand, my life's journey has been filled with change, infused with my familial inheritance; an unabiding appreciation for the natural world and a desire to bring positive energy into existence. Creativity is fundamental to my existence and satisfies an deep urge and sense of freedom that allows me to be myself and make art that enhances mood and creates a sense of place.

A keen interest in Feng Shui and a focus on elevating energy in spaces informs my work, along with the patterns, colours, textures and energy of nature. Practicing spirituality through martial arts and meditation, I am provided with a philosophical narrative that that speaks to interconnectedness, flow and creativity, which can bee seen throughout my body of work.