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Anthea Piszczuk


Creating is what I have always done… as a child in imaginative play, later to promote my image and its illusion, and now as my total pleasure and sustenance.

I am drawn to the patterns and textures I see in my environment, capturing them digitally and in my memory, and then replicating portions in my work. I enjoy its colour, texture and simplicity; and employ fibre, paint, pastel, ink, and collage to support my art.

Diversity is now my standard, as I constantly move between the mediums. My ‘laboratory’ is a hectic disarray of ideas to be continued!

The evolution of my affordable ‘Wearable Art’ range has been continuously fun, though often at the sacrifice of my producing larger works. I do however, delight in being able to offer original artworks for all through the ‘Anthea Louise’ label.

..inspired by the abstract patterns Anthea sees in community and environment; she replicates these using simplistic spirited colour and texture. This may manifest in fibre, pastel, paint, collage, or a fusion of these! Her creations always visual; are also often tactile, wearable or functional.

..trained in Graphic Design in the late 1970s she worked in publishing and then spent a period introducing art techniques to children within the Education Department and privately. She has undertaken commissions using varying art techniques.

.. her firm conviction in art being accessible to all has been acted on by creating unique, individual & exclusive pieces for sale at galleries, markets and via social media. The ‘Anthea Louise’ wearable art range in fibre, painted and collage jewellery has been embraced, and continues to evolve incorporating her passion for varied media. Anthea says she delights in each new piece knowing that it will be a loved wearable artwork exclusive for the recipient, and this inspires her onto the next.

..she continually explores possibilities that fill her mind and challenges materials to achieve that outcome - often referring to her studio as the laboratory!  

.. the journey is still young