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Adam Durst

Artist Biography
Originally from Canada, Adam and his wife and two children now call Adelaide home.Adam'sartistic pursuit has always been through photography - Growing up with a father who was an avid photographer with a darkroom in the basement meant that the seeds for his passionas a means to create emotive art were sewn early.  Adam recently retired from his career as a Strategy and Management Consultant, to focus on his art and raising a young family with his wife. 

Artists Statement
Much of my artworks evokes an emotive responses from viewer. I like to create connections with experiences that are part of life  and the human condition, including the various stages of life, our connections to places and the natural world. I also draw on emotions such as awe, wonder or mystery and even dark emotions such as sadness and fear - I’ll present the familiar in unfamiliar ways to help build on these connections, while leaving with the viewer with intrigue to linger in the art.